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How Did We Get Started?

The Junkie Garage of today began in 2016 with a father who had a dilemma.  Make the household budget work or provide a safe comfortable vehicle for his family.  Michael Kuba, like so many other working parents was in a no-win situation. So, he did what any father would do, he created a solution that did work. He fired up the internet and got to learning. He practiced, watched videos and studied until he could diagnose and repair the AC himself. After completing his own families repair, Kuba decided to reach out to his community and offer to help other families in this same situation.  That was the day that The Junkie Garage was born.  Over six years later, The Junkie Garage has helped countless families by providing donation-based air conditioning, brake, and suspension repairs.  These repairs would have been unattainable otherwise and helps keep safe cars and working families on the road.  The team at Junkie Garage hopes this is just the beginning of our story.

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